Averted School Violence

The CTVP, with funding from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office), developed and maintains the national Averted School Violence (ASV) database: www.avertedschoolviolence.org.

The ASV project, encourages law enforcement, school, behavioral health professionals, and community members to share information and lessons learned on averted and completed school attacks. The project team analyzes reported incidents, identifies lessons learned, and shares their findings through publications, presentations and training webinars.

In 2019, the COPS Office released two reports prepared by the ASV project team, one that compared averted and completed attacks, and a second that provided a preliminary analysis of 51 averted attacks in the database. In 2021, the COPS Office released a new CTVP ASV report that examines 170 averted cases from the database.

The CTVP Director has served on U.S. Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Department of Justice school safety and behavioral threat assessment advisory groups. He, and other members of the ASV Project team, have presented at international and national school safety and law enforcement conferences, webinars, and training sessions.

The CTVP is partnering with Michigan State University’s Department of Psychiatry to expand the project’s research, training and consultation opportunities in Michigan and nationally.

Featured Publications

Averted School Violence (ASV) Database: 2021 Analysis Update

This report analyzes an additional 120 averted incidents of school violence, expanding the knowledge base and further developing lessons learned as our understanding grows of how school attacks are planned, discovered, and thwarted.

Comparison of Averted & Completed School Attacks

In this report, 51 completed and 51 averted incidents of school violence, drawn from the ASV database, were analyzed to help further our understanding of averted and completed school attacks. The report also seeks to provide important lessons about how school violence can be prevented.

Preliminary Report on the ASV Database

This paper presents initial findings from 51 averted school attacks in the Police Foundation’s ASV database, focusing first on case studies and followed by analyses of various data points.