During the last decade, persons motivated by a range of ideological beliefs and individual factors have engaged in acts of mass violence targeting innocent persons in communities across the United States. Mass violence attacks, incidents in which multiple persons are killed or injured, have increased in frequency as well as lethality.

Mass violence events in our schools represent a serious and continuing threat to our children, teachers and staff. Our religious institutions are not immune from attack, nor are entertainment venues, grocery stores, the media or political leaders. The reality is –  that all Americans, regardless of the place they are in, are potential victims of mass violence.

The effects of these attacks are devastating for the survivors, families of victims, for communities who have lost loved ones, and for first responders. For public safety officials, extremism and mass violence challenge emergency response protocols and demand actionable research, innovation and science to inform the response to extremism and mass violence.

The National Police Foundation’s Center for Mass Violence Response Studies believes there are steps that can be taken to build the capacity of our public safety agencies, schools, businesses, faith, and other organizations to better understand, identify and respond to threats, signs, and signals. Through actionable research, collaboration, technical assistance, and training we believe we can effectively counter extremism and prevent mass violence attacks. In those instances in which an attack could not be stopped, we can improve the public safety response and community recovery.

The Center for Mass Violence Response Studies draws on the Foundation’s knowledge and experience to provide objective, rigorous and actionable research, training and technical assistance to public safety, policy, school, business, faith and community leaders to counter extremism and mass violence. The Center also seeks to use its unique position within a national independent organization to build bridges between stakeholders to identify opportunities for collaboration in response to the vexing challenges of extremism and mass violence.

The phenomena of extremism and mass violence are constantly changing – yesterday’s responses are inadequate for the challenges of tomorrow.The Center for Mass Violence Response Studies is an innovation incubator that seeks to use our communal knowledge and ideas to inform policies and practices that are forward thinking, actionable, and resilient to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

The Center for Mass Violence Response Studies is an innovation incubator that builds on our expertise and provides a platform to bring persons and organizations together that are dedicated to preventing extremism and mass violence, improving the response, and recovery from these tragic events.