First Responder Safety & Wellness

Mission & Vision

We aspire to help improve the health & well-being of police officers through a unique training program based on proven and profound breathing and meditation exercises.


Notwithstanding the daily challenges of keeping cities and communities safe, police officers and their public safety partners, regularly meet the demands of their jobs with professionalism, honor and integrity. They are, however, routinely exposed to difficult, complex and psychologically challenging situations, while working rotating shifts and overtime hours.

First responders are not immune from the psychological impact of their work. Responding to calls for service, both routine emergencies and crisis events, affect an responder’s mental health and well-being. It is vital that first responders prioritize self-care, maintain their mental health, and improve their resilience so they can be mentally and physically healthy to meet the demands of their profession and serve their community with pride. Having the socio-emotional skills to supplement the tools in their tactical toolkit will help first responders to be mentally and emotionally prepared to meet and appropriately respond to the complex demands of their jobs.

The intervention will help provide participants with additional tools and knowledge to enhance personal health and overall well-being.

Program Details

The International Association for Human Values, in partnership with the National Police Foundation (USA), has developed a unique training program that will provide participants with additional tools and knowledge to enhance personal health and overall well-being.

SKY Meditation Technique

Cornerstone of our training

The training program will use proven breathing and meditation techniques that have shown to eliminate stress, transform negative emotions and restore health and wellness.

Processes to Counter Stress and Improve Wellness

The yogic science of breath is a precise, 5000+ year-old science of health promotion. It is one of the first sciences to recognize the impact of the mind and emotions on creating and restoring optimal health. One of the most comprehensive breathing techniques derived from this science is Sudarshan Kriya (SKY). SKY and its accompanying practices have been taught to millions of people worldwide, and continue to be independently investigated by modern medical science at universities, hospitals, and other research institutions. For detailed info, please visit:

The following charts summarize some key published findings: