Dr. Beverly Kingston, is the director of the University of Colorado Boulder’s Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence and has been working with schools and communities on comprehensive approaches to school safety and violence prevention since 1995. Her research interests focus on addressing the root causes of violence by creating the conditions that support healthy human development throughout the life course. She has designed, conducted and led several multi-million dollar school and community initiatives and research studies including a randomized trial focused on school safety with 46 middle schools in Colorado’s Front Range funded by the National Institute of Justice. Dr. Kingston has published articles on comprehensive public health models to address youth violence, school safety, neighborhood social factors, and health and the built environment. Researchers from the Center have also published reports on the Arapahoe School Shooting and created the recent Attorney General’s School Safety Guide.

Prior to her work at CU Boulder, she directed the Adams County Youth Initiative, where she was responsible for the implementation of an $8.4 million five-year Department of Education Safe Schools/Healthy Student grant. This project involved building a countywide, multi-sector partnership to support the implementation of multiple evidence-based programs across five school districts serving over ten thousand children, young people and their families annually.