Critical Incident Reviews

Critical Incident Reviews

The Center for Mass Violence Response Studies (CMVRS) has a well-established national and international reputation for the reviews it has conducted regarding the law enforcement response to mass violence events and protests. The CMVRS has built a strong methodology and body of knowledge to assess, evaluate, and report on lessons learned, best and emerging practices.

The CMVRS has conducted critical incident reviews of targeted attacks in San Bernardino (CA), Kalamazoo (MI), Orlando (FL), Parkland (FL) and Charlotte (NC).

The Center has worked closely with public officials and community leaders in Minneapolis (MN), Charlotte (NC), Washington, D.C., Los Angeles (CA), and Columbus (OH) to analyze the law enforcement response to 1st Amendment events and protests.

CMVRS staff and subject matter experts have identified policies and practices to improve the local preparedness, response and recovery from these events, shared best practices, and are focused on re-imagining the public safety response to critical incidents.

The Center’s after-action and critical incident reports, as well as those completed by other organizations, can be found in the NPF’s After-Action Review (AAR) incident review library, the only resource of its kind:

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Featured Incident Reviews

A Crisis of Trust: A National Police Foundation Report to the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners on the Los Angeles Police Department Response to First Amendment Assemblies and Protests Occurring May 27 – June 7, 2020

The purpose of this NPF AAR is to assist the LABOPC and the LAPD to improve the Department’s preparation and response to future similar events. Putting resources toward this type of review while only occasionally undertaken by Cities or city stakeholders demonstrates the willingness of the LABOPC and the LAPD to consider reimagining policing in the City of Los Angeles, to addressing challenges in community-police interactions, and to protecting First Amendment assemblies and protests.

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Recovering and Moving Forward: Lessons Learned and Recommendations Following the Shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

This report focuses on the importance of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS), strong inter-agency leadership and communication, jurisdiction-wide all-hazards emergency response plans and training exercises, and short- and long-term mental health strategies for first responders and community members. The National Police Foundation was asked to conduct the review, in part, because of its experience conducting critical incident reviews of the public safety response to the Pulse nightclub attack in Orlando.

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