National Police Foundation to Facilitate and Evaluate Digital Forums to Identify Effective Technologies and Methods to Prevent Targeted Violence and Terrorism

The National Police Foundation (NPF) has been awarded a grant from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate to help design, develop, and facilitate a series of regular digital forums on terrorism prevention and foster connections between forum participants. As part of the project, NPF will work with DHS S&T and communities nationwide and internationally to identify relevant stakeholders and bring them together in virtual meetings and communities of practice to detect, deter, and mitigate the potential actions of violent extremists and address individuals who are on the path to radicalization to violence. The goal of the digital forums is to bring together and create meaningful connections between grantees, public safety and homeland security officials, technology sector representatives, subject matter experts, national practice associations, academia, technology companies and associations, and government representatives to increase awareness of online exploitation committed by violent extremists. NPF will also work in collaboration with the DHS S&T to conduct research on technology platforms that can be used to prevent acts of terrorism and targeted violence, and develop key performance metrics used to measure efficacy and impact of current practices. Additionally, NPF will support the discussion around how violent extremists exploit the use of the internet and social media to gain followers and promote their agenda.  

This grant will be led by Ms. Jen Zeunik (Director, Local Programs) and Dr. Frank Straub (Director, CMVRS), with support from Ben Gorban (Senior Project Associate), Dr. Travis Riddle (Research Data Scientist), and other NPF staff members. 

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